The Warsaw Ballroom Orchestra

The Warsaw Chamber Orchestra is a group of the Polish top classical musicians who have co-opertaded with the best Polish orchestras such as the National Opera, Warsaw Philharmonic and Simfonia Varsovia. The orchestra performs usually in a group of 10: string quintet, flute, clarinet, drums and key instruments. Depending on the needs and requirements of a client, the ensemble can be increased to 22 (wind instruments).

The ensemble`s repertoire includes a wide variety of music styles beginning with classical music to the soundtracks of many films and even dance music. The Warsaw Ballroom Orchestra can perform not only in the form of a concert but also can splendour the banquets, the best quality routs, balls and other accasional parties. Depending on the expectations and needs of the client the orchestra can also perform in a smaller group eg. in a string quartet or trio.